The creative journey of Honismart in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and jointly launched the "School Year Work Camp".

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The practice course of "School Year Work Camp" in a new form jointly carried out by JD Home Platform and Fashion Communication School of Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology was successfully completed.Honismart, as an original design brand, participated in the practice course together.


Jingdong Vision & North Fashion Communication School tutor appointment ceremony

"School Year Work Camp" is an interdisciplinary joint practice course offered by the School of Fashion Communication, Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. With the concept of interdisciplinary education and the model of "Learning by doing", students from the four majors of communication, advertising, photography and acting are mixed and organized into groups to do real tasks or enterprise projects. The course aims to cultivate students' ability to solve complex problems with innovative thinking and methods, and form the ideological consciousness of studying and serving the society.

Through cross-major joint practice, students completed the project in a team way, gave full play to the advantages and personal strengths of each major, and received comprehensive training in creative planning, design implementation, communication and promotion, so as to improve the ability of fashion communication integration and innovation, and lay a foundation for further planning and operation of professional projects.


The course "School Year Work Camp" began

In this school year's work camp, BAFU Fashion Communication School cooperated with JINGdong Vision and Jingdong Home designer furniture to focus on brand visual marketing. Within one month, the camp was completed from the creation theme to the construction of the campus practice base. Combining brand story and product selling points from a business perspective, complete product planning and shooting, and implement effective promotion and communication, and upgrade the innovative content play of JD vision, brand marketing and young creators.

As an original design brand participating in the practice course, Honismart, together with JD Vision and Beifu Fashion Communication School, creates a new creative theme and content form, witnesses the growth and creativity of young students, enables students to give full play to the display of innovative works, and jointly promotes the integration of industry and education and the cultivation of innovative talents

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Offline flash mob of cooperative brands

In addition, the students carried out creative planning and communication promotion for several classic organ products of Honismart. Through in-depth exploration of eighteen paper brand vision, they combined their own creativity and content with brand concept and demand, so that the functional and fashion charm of organ paper furniture was further displayed, and the organ paper art culture was further spread.

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Photos of Beifu students

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Video works of Beifu students

The Honismart and jingdong, north of fashion designer furniture at home together, provide new forms of creativity to young students with different learning experience, guide students to play their own special skill, and harvest in adhere to independent innovation of new growth, and Honismart, will be constantly updating, adhere to innovation as the core organ paper art design, Develop more innovative and original design products to promote Chinese paper art aesthetics to the public stage.

Post time: 06-21-2021