User attentions

New User attentions:

1) Rebound:

Kindly remind that the new products are with strong rebound resilience.Especially the bench.Pls hold both 2 side panels with 2 persons and fully stretch it until the honeycomb holes becomes regular hexagon;Staying in seconds then release, repeat this action several times to reduce its resilience;After its length stays stabilized, place any shape you prefer and sit down with cushions in a flat floor.
For the stool, it’s same.
If you find it difficult to make it in a circle, hold both two side panel and stretch it several times just like playing an accordion.
Please hold 2 side panels with 2 hands to open the stool, do not drag the ribbon when open and fold the stool in case break off the ribbon, it’s for fixing up 2 panels and decoration.

2) Indentation

It may appear slightly indentation (around 1-2cm) on the top after times use, it’s normal
Phenomenon on a paper products. However, it won’t be damage or collapse, still strong enough with 300kg bearing force, please no worry.
For better protection, please always sit down with the cushion, or fold it, put it down and put some heavy stuffs on the side panel to press it for a period of time to reduce the creases.

 3) Waterproof and how to maintain it

The product is indoor furniture without high level waterproof. It is not allowed to soak directly into the water or or put it outside in a rainy day since the glue will dissolves in the water.
For better protection and improve the service life, overexposure to the sun is not suggested.
But please no worry that it won’t damage if spill little water on it by accident, the water is gonna go down and dry fast.
Please kindly wipe the water by towel or put it in a airy space to let it dry naturally before you use it again.