• New year,new arrival/New Year new content | minority good things
    Post time: 02-15-2022

    Feel the joy of discounts in advance Happy New Year ,how was your Spring Festival? First of all, I wish you all a happy and progressive New Year The two new products we br...

  • New arrival in August August new Courier | with different design, bid farewell to mediocre space style
    Post time: 08-27-2021

    August, late summer, early fall Life ritual sense also want to pull full Drink the first cup of milk tea of autumn And don't leave out the first batch 5 new designs this m...

  • New Arrival in July | advanced aesthetic feeling, level space of art on display Creative display of new products, the space to play new tricks
    Post time: 07-29-2021

    Every time the product is new I can't wait to share it with you Because every new one Have the magic to make the space warm Bring you 5 new prod...

  • Chinese paper bed and Japanese paper bed field contest Chinese millennium paper Art culture is more better
    Post time: 07-28-2021

    Last week, the long-awaited Olympic Games finally opened With horror giant dolls, glowing human head balloons... All kinds of wonderful behaviors are frequently rushing to...

  • New product launch | with aesthetic life, to a romantic date Now, to feel a different aesthetic life
    Post time: 06-28-2021

    Normal life Often mundane and repetitive How to make ordinary life more interesting In addition to maintaining a heart that loves l...

  • The creative journey of Honismart in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology
    Post time: 06-21-2021

    Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and jointly launched the "School Year Work Camp". The practice course of "School Year ...

  • The 2021 Cultural, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Forum was successfully held
    Post time: 05-17-2021

    Honismart was selected as the governing unit of Shenzhen Cultural and creative Industry Association On May 15, Honismart brand was invited to attend the "2021 C...

  • New arrival | New in spring  The new design endow life with freshness
    Post time: 04-08-2021

    Novelty, should not be escape from one place, also can be in a familiar space, creating one after another new memories, this opportunity may be a legitimate seasonal flowe...

  • University-enterprise cooperation | Honismart as deep courtyard culture creative product research and development courtyard distinguished researcher Speak up for Shenzhen Design (Tweet lead)
    Post time: 03-30-2021

    On March 23rd, Honismart was invited by the cultural and creative Products Research Institute team of Shenzhen Vocational and Technical College ...

  • 2020 the whole review Our this year The past is a prologue.
    Post time: 02-14-2020

    In 2020, after a period of hiatus, the rest of the year flashes by like it's being watched at double speed, and 2021 arrives entirely as if by accident. Almost everyone ar...

  • 2018-Beijing-Exhibition
    Post time: 04-29-2018

  • 2017-Shanghai-Exhibition
    Post time: 04-28-2017