The 2021 Cultural, Innovation, Science and Technology Development Forum was successfully held

Honismart was selected as the governing unit of Shenzhen Cultural and creative Industry Association

On May 15, Honismart brand was invited to attend the "2021 Cultural and creative Technology Development Forum" hosted by Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Association, and discussed the development of cultural and creative technology with experts and scholars from all walks of life in China. In this activity, Honismart was selected as the governing unit of Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Association. Honismart's derivative cultural and creative accordion Stool, which cooperated with the movie "Hi,Mom", also won the single product award of "Cultural and Creative Award".


The activity with "culture + science and technology" as the theme, brought together more than 10 provinces and cities across the country government, the south university of science and technology experts and scholars, huawei, is wei group, alibaba, cofco, societe generale, sharp technology, fosun group, such as the world top 500 enterprises, oct, prosper group, vibration Ye group China top 500 enterprises, such as More than 300 people attended the event, including aneng Group, Baoneng Group, Aoya Design, Yishang Exhibition, VisionChina Media and other leading companies and listed companies, as well as cultural and creative entrepreneurs and media. The forum focuses on the future development of cultural and creative industry, stimulates the development vitality of cultural and creative industry, promotes the integration of culture and science in the new development pattern of "double cycle", and boosts the high-quality development of cultural industry.

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The conference was hosted by Heping Chen , secretary general of Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Association. Zhenwen Xie, full-time vice chairman of Shenzhen Federation of Industry and Commerce, attended and delivered a speech. The strength continues to increase and has become a dazzling city business card. It is the first to explore the development model of "Culture +" and form "Culture +" industries such as "Culture + Technology", "Culture + Tourism", "Culture + Finance", "Culture + Creativity", etc. The new development model and new business format have set a pioneering demonstration for the whole country.

Fuqing Wu, Chairman of Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Association and Chairman of Zhiwenbo Group, said in his speech: Six years ago, today, Shenzhen's cultural and creative industry set sail, carrying the dream of creative people, constantly innovating and advancing, and creating today Industry status and achievements. In the future, Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Association will use more innovative thinking and more pragmatic services to create new brilliance for the development of Shenzhen and even the country's cultural and creative industry!

Director Xiangyang Feng of Futian District Enterprise Development Service Center, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Southern University of Science and Technology, Dean of Shenzhen University Cultural Industry Research Institute Fengliang Li , Dean of China Tourism Design Institute Jianping Zheng , Deputy General Manager of Alibaba Group Alibaba Cloud Guangdong Branch Yunpeng Ma, An Wang Tiecheng, Chairman of Energy (Shenzhen) Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., Li Yang, Deputy General Manager of Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Cultural Tourism Technology Group Co., Ltd., Lin Ye, Chairman of the Board of Zhenye International Group, Professor of Peking University, Chief Designer of Zhongying Urban Design Institute Keshi Chen and Zhenyun Liang , Chairman of Guangzhou Zhenyuan Cultural and Creative Group, respectively focused on "New Pattern, New Culture, New Consumption", "New Home Field and Cultural Tourism Productivity", "Alibaba Cloud Innovation Practice", "The Origin, Development and Confidence of Chinese Traditional Culture", "Cultural tourism, technology, and financial integration and innovation", "Cultural and creative technology empowers industrial upgrading", "The value of original design", "Creating cultural tourism and performing arts IP-activating the city night economy" speech, forward-looking strategy Discuss the development direction and trend of the cultural and creative industry in the future.

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Won the "text" award "Hi,Mom" accordion stool, is a dark horse Honismart and Spring Festival "Hi,Mom" crossover IP joint projects, the film element in the nineties of the classic item - 28 bar bicycle with a glass of soda, into the modern accordion stool design, classic flavor from the page. And the implication of the red luck of the Spring Festival used in the round stool color selection. No matter when, gules round stool will be the place that has good implied meaning and indoor adornment window.

All the time, Honismart has continued to launch different categories of cultural and creative products under the joint name of the cross industry, combining accordion paper art or fashion, or classic IP, to design more fun and good-looking projects. Over the years, creative products such as the co-branded camouflage stool of Wolf Warriors , the co-branded pen holder of ANIMATION IP "Pai Train", the co-branded capsule mobile phone stand of "Dying to Survive", the co-branded paper fan lamp and stool of "The World in the Palace" have been successively launched. Accordion paper products are used as the carrier to spread paper art aesthetics and trans-boundary culture.

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At the same time, Honismart was selected as the governing unit of Shenzhen Cultural and Creative Industry Association, which is the affirmation and expectation of Honismart's years of focus on designing and developing high-quality cultural and creative products. Honismart will take paper art as the core, adhere to independent innovation, develop more innovative products with aesthetic design charm, make contributions to promote the development of scientific and technological innovation and the construction of a cultural power, show the unique and wonderful shenzhen cultural and creative to the world stage step by step.

Post time: 05-17-2021