New product launch | with aesthetic life, to a romantic date Now, to feel a different aesthetic life


Normal life

Often mundane and repetitive

How to make ordinary life more interesting

In addition to maintaining a heart that loves life

Can't ignore the small furniture around


This new product is online to share

IH Paper wants to take you with me

Integrate the always-accompanying home into aesthetic design

Go on a date about life aesthetics


4 new products that have been stored for a long time

Enough to give you a big surprise

Small to light accordion stool

As large as a spacious screen

Each one combines practicality and beauty

Add a sense of happiness to your life

new (2)

Exquisite items need a beautiful display rack

In order to better bear the beauty of the displayed items

And enough to attract the attention of the display rack

Regardless of display beauty or focus on index

Can be further improved


Different from conventional cylindrical display rack

The new product photosynthetic display rack has more soft lighting

Hollow design in the middle Built-in LED lamp post

The light slowly emerges through the kraft paper, and the atmosphere is full

Warm yellow/white light

Two colors, choose arbitrarily

A light-emitting, photosynthetic display rack.
Photosynthetic cylinder display rack

Round design ready to use, lightweight and easy to move

When the lights are on, the whole space is warm and beautiful

Use in home life

Create a comfortable corner


Use in business

Easily create a different display

new (3)
new (4)

Paper walls are useful for more than just decoration
It is the important good thing of a space partition more
Proper space partition
It can make the structure layout of the whole space more reasonable
And can protect the privacy of personal life
Not only that, accordion paper excellent expansion ratio
The paper wall is endowed with a flexible shape
Can be placed in straight line/bend/circle, etc
Provide different freshness for the space

Paper wall is whole thin, more transparent space
When receiving, it is a slender cuboid
Easy to maintain daily, does not occupy the living space
In order to put more stable, the base is widened
Focus the center of gravity on the bottom seat when stretching
Enjoy the happiness of paper wall

new (5)
new (6)

New and fashionable designs are not enough
Clever use of color is also a key point
Truffle coffee accordion stool
Not the same light luxury sense from however
Premium unique truffle coffee color
Simple neat line of accordion
The combination of the two creates a new visual beauty

new (7)

Only need to surround the accordion paper stool can be used
Hexagonal honeycomb mechanical structure
The weight of the stool can reach 300kg
Not only can be used as a stool
Can also be placed items as the edge of a few
Everyday also sit also put all is scenery

new (8)

Mostly traditional shelving furniture
There is always the problem of fashion deficiency
Only satisfied with the needs of daily life
And do not have the fashionable degree on the appearance and adornment sex
Inspired by the spring and summer stretch of new branches exhibition frame
Artistic appearance smart and vitality
The glass face plate of tie-in transparent simple sense is concise and transparent
Inject infinite vitality into the home space

new (9)

Stretch the accordion board fully
Then place the supporting glass partition can be used
The ease of building makes assembly fun
Multilevel design storage space is sufficient
It can accommodate multiple items
Order keeps your home clean
These are all new products
All the new products to meet you
There will be more surprises in the future

A light, breathing screen.
Portable Partition Wall

A beautiful accordion paper stool.
Truffle coffee accordion paper stool

A good taste,
Creative display rack.
New branch display stand

Post time: 06-28-2021