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Happy New Year ,how was your Spring Festival?

First of all, I wish you all a happy and progressive New Year

The two new products we brought are used in more places like offices, exhibitions, stores and activity sites

Round Chair Reception Desk

The reception desk of this arm-chair shape adopts the latest product structure independently developed by us, the half circle card board structure. This is a portable front desk, opened after the card board nesting complete, it becomes a temporary semi surrounded front desk.

new (1)

We design a card slot in the front of the front desk, placed the company's brand name plate or advertising board, and panel below is carrying space, exhibition activity need small objects on or flash widgets can be placed centrally, acrylic panel reserved threading hole, easy to use computer and other electrical appliances, the cables not bare in the desktop, Keep the overall visual cleanliness and comfort.

new (2)

Small footprint, small space volume, handling and assembly is easier than the traditional front desk, side plate set handle hole, stretching more convenient, very suitable for the company's front desk, trade fair, or some temporary flash activities,

Accordion Tall Pallet Booth

new (3)

This is a tabletop display table with a honeycomb paper core surrounding a base, and a metal tray as the supporting display surface. The kraft paper honeycomb base is rich in line texture and layering, showing a sense of warmth as a whole, colliding with the high light and cold texture of metal. Different visual effects make the product more ornamental. The shape of the tray makes the display stand light and graceful. The tray is designed in three colors of pink, white and black. The combination and collocation are like flowers in full bloom, which are dynamic, and the visual comfort and viewing degree of the display on the countertop are unified.

The tray is made of stainless steel and titanium metal plates, which are more durable and wear-resistant. The polished and brushed surface makes the tray look like a gleaming individual. It is refreshing and neat when placed, suitable for the display of small-volume items. This product is also designed with several models of different heights. If you need a more visually fluid effect, you can choose to combine and use it, and the height is staggered to create a smart visual effect. If you need to create a uniform effect, you can choose multiple placements of the same style. This pallet is lighter in weight and easy to arrange. It is very suitable to take to arrange some brand flash events, and it is convenient to pack and store.

The tall tray is the second desktop display product of Honismart. In addition to large-scale product displays, we have also noticed that many small objects require commercial desktop display stands or home use. I like to place metal jewelry or diffusers on metal trays and on the head of the bed to easily create a beautiful and exquisite room atmosphere and show the owner's unruly and unruly.

new (4)

No matter whether it is for commercial use or home use, we believe that a good product should achieve a high degree of unity of aesthetic appearance and practical design. We are also constantly trying to design some gadgets with new shapes, and the high foot tray is a new attempt. New Year new expectations, look forward to the next time on the new and what kind of surprise

Post time: 02-15-2022