New arrival | New in spring The new design endow life with freshness

Novelty, should not be escape from one place, also can be in a familiar space, creating one after another new memories, this opportunity may be a legitimate seasonal flowers, may be a just back fly kite, may be a new furniture, as long as the heart is forward of vigor and vitality, is always in ordinary days, find out a fresh to.

Honismart is also with such fresh ideas, carefully carved out the fresh spring items, the main application scene of this new product for business space, in addition to daily life, we also hope to bring abundant spring vitality to the workplace ~

Artistic Sofa

A piece of sofa, what pay attention to most is the relaxation after giving people to sit down. This accordion sofa focuses on the depth of the sofa seat and the Angle of the back of the chair, so that it is more consistent with the habit of sitting on the human body. With high rebound sponge cushion, it gets the sense of propriety and security after sitting down. Sofa can adjust length freely telescopic, easy to receive when not being used, do not occupy a space.

new (1)

Honismart furniture is very characteristic of a point is stretching available, artistic sofa is no exception, the side design of the invisible stretching empty, only two people will fold the sofa repeatedly stretching several times, to sofa no longer rebound can, such folding sofa, can get rid of the elevator, door frame restrictions, easy to enter the door.

This sofa pays more attention to the details of the design, so that the user's experience is more comfortable. The side panels of the sofa are made of leather, which is more warm and delicate, in a unified style with the light-colored cloth cushion. The degree of sofa back of a chair designed groove, be stuck properly cushion, sit rises won't drive cushion, relaxed and agile. When cleaning, the cushion can be extracted and vacuumed with a vacuum cleaner.

The inner core of the seat cushion we choose 45 degrees high rebound sponge cushion, space rebound memory cotton can absorb and buffer the human body pressure, highly fit the hip curve, reasonable support the hip, sitting comfort is very high, but also can effectively prevent the deformation of the hip.

The coat of cushion chose the natural cotton hemp fabrics that can be dismantled and washed, comfortable and breathable, convenient dismantled and washed, no matter in which season, can have relaxed sit feeling. The zipper adopts precision sewing tailoring design as "invisible", so that the whole seat looks more beautiful and orderly.

new (2)

We design the seat height of artistic accordion sofa to be 39cm, and the wide sitting depth is matched with the low sitting height, which makes it easier to nest into the sofa when sitting down.

In addition, the length of the sofa can be adjusted flexibly according to the number of people, but also with the change of the shape of the site, it can be placed around the coffee table, but also prolong the corner of the L-shaped display. Change a kind of modelling, inject a bit fresh feeling to the space, diversification puts means, can develop the adornment function of sofa to a greater extent. In addition to home, also suitable for commercial space hospitality.

Layered Nakajima Exhibition Stand

new (3)

This is a look like "cake" shape of the display rack, we design this multi-layer shelf, in addition to the storage and storage, but also pay attention to the decoration and display function, so in the design of attention to expand the use of the shelf, can be placed at home, but also in business occasions to display items.

new (4)

We through the accordion paper draw ratio, good extension development the shelf that can be folded, through clever design, shelf can be expanded to form a semi-enclosed structure, surrounded by the design of the layer board using the ancient mortise and tenon joint structure, will good groove nested, you can storage stably, stable structure, let the stand from a variety of screws, small parts assembly is more convenient.

In addition to the common black and white colors, there are pink styles, more diverse choices, low saturation peach powder, full of vitality, easily bring a sense of vitality to the display space, just in line with the current full spring atmosphere.

With layers of matching acrylic panel, display area increases, and rich layers, suitable for small articles display, as well as dessert display, and the shape of "multi-layer cake" echo, complete a sweet display.

Splice Display Rack

Cylindrical exhibition frame is a very classic product in eighteen paper exhibition frame products. We have made some changes in the original design and designed this splicing and color collision cylinder exhibition display rack.

new (5)

The overall shape is consistent with the cylindrical exhibition display rack. but a small splicing color block is designed on the exhibition display rack. This small part does not need additional assembly, but can be fully displayed with the exhibition frame circle. The design of clashing colors allows the exhibition stand to have its own decoration, which is more suitable for some relaxed and interesting occasions. We have designed three styles of brown + white, white + red and black + red, all of which are white colors to highlight the texture of the exhibition shelf.

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The above is the spring fresh on the new, the follow-up we will also release more upgraded design new, with creative good things to life and work to bring more convenient and beautiful enjoyment, I believe that you do not have to wait too long, you can meet again. Taking advantage of the infinite vitality of spring, Honismart is also growing, with the yearning for a better life, continue to explore life aesthetics and paper art ~

Post time: 04-08-2021