New Arrival in July | advanced aesthetic feeling, level space of art on display Creative display of new products, the space to play new tricks


Every time the product is new

I can't wait to share it with you

Because every new one

Have the magic to make the space warm

Bring you 5 new products with high appearance level

About spatial display

About wall lifting

Even the hats are neatly tucked away

Let's see which one you want to pick

No.1 Storage and storage integrated display rack series
Vientiane Commodity Shelf

Classic strip display rack look

The silhouette and shape are clean and neat

The accordion line package adds more artistic flavor

new (2)
new (3)

Build the interior and exterior layout with an all-encompassing design

There is sufficient space in the middle to store items at will

Maximize space utilization and orderly storage

Stretch to use without complex assembly

Honeycomb mechanical structure for stable load bearing safety deposit

Amount of triviality can be taken care of

Compact and easy to move after folding

And fashionable style can make elegant display in the home

Office business can also be generous

Square inch Storage Display Rack

Involve creativity in structural aspects

There is a corrugated paper support for the square inch display rack

new (4)

Will be solid structure of corrugated board

Combined with the aesthetic lines of accordion paper

Overall light and stable bid farewell to heavy load

new (5)
new (6)

The interior has ample storage space

There is a wide panel above

Display and storage compatible together

We've got cuboids and cubes

It can be used naturally in different scenarios

Wall decoration series

Peninsula wall hanging

What about a wall hanging?

Presumably, the items on display will be refined

new (7)
new (8)

We combine storage and decoration

The delicate wall hanging is like a small island in the wall

Place adornment at will it is a scenery

The hexagonal honeycomb bionic structure is firmly suspended on the wall

Items within 5 kg can be stably stored

It can also be expanded at 90°/180° angles

All can use flat wall corner | different angles

Add some layers to a boring wall

Penumbra Vase

new (9)

How to build atmosphere feeling for the bedroom quickly?

Actually put a bunch of dried flowers can harvest warmth

Choose white/brown two kinds of matching color simple elegant advanced

It is not obtrusive even if it is hung on the wall

Put dry flower static in wall, give life fresh feeling

new (10)

Simple assembly method rotary stick on flat wall

Add a bunch of dried flowers you like to enjoy

Imported pulp long fiber kraft paper

Has stronger toughness can be stable hanging on the wall

Create a comfortable living space for you

Daily hat storage series

Buds hat rack

Hats/scarves are always out of place

Maybe the organ hat stand will solve your problems

new (11)
new (12)

The appearance is like a round and full bud in bud

Waiting for a corner beautiful and vitality

It can be used not only for storage but also for decoration

Hexagonal honeycomb bionic structure with 360° uniform stress

Surrounded by a circular expansion, the top can be stacked messy hat

Bottom acrylic panel can also be placed ornaments

When not in use, it can be folded and received as a whole

The space is neat and orderly and the good mood follows

Post time: 07-29-2021