New arrival in August August new Courier | with different design, bid farewell to mediocre space style

August, late summer, early fall
Life ritual sense also want to pull full
Drink the first cup of milk tea of autumn
And don't leave out the first batch
5 new designs this month
Give your home decor a different twist
Let’s see which are a few "steal heart" good things
Trying to sneak into your home

1.Joyful Cylinder display rack


Sometimes a little design can lead to a new surprise
The combination of minimalism and individuality is its surprise

new (2)

We want to give plain white space, a touch of unique color
And bright cellophane, with a bright vision
Add joy atmosphere for the space, create a pleasant atmosphere

new (3)
new (4)

The honeycomb structure does not shake when the object is placed
Folding stack is convenient for moving and handling
Exhibition use, easy and quick layout
Orange/blue/gray three color  variety of height options
To meet the collocation needs of different Spaces

2.Time machine cat house

new (5)

In a pet home, a cat house is a must
And the cute cat nest, can always give enough security

new (6)

Time machine modeling adds lovely elements to the space
It is a resting place for pets
Also be the lovely adornment that lives in a space

new (7)

Hollow - out honeycomb design to maintain air circulation
Evacuate odor in time to maintain a healthy space
Environmental protection material and made to love pet close guardian

new (8)

Nifty and lively colour is optional
The spacious space capsule makes the cat comfortable in the nest
Can rest at ease, but also pleasant play
To shovel excrement officer and cat master bring full of surprise

3. Opera House Cat house

new (9)

One cat house is not enough
The cuteness of the opera house cat house is also arranged

Inspired by the Sydney Opera House
The curved smooth lines are distinctive
Cats love to win the heart of their owners

new (10)
new (11)

Open design with ample space under the accordion shed
Cats can play and rest comfortably
It is also convenient for the owner's intimate exchange and free interaction

new (12)

Three colors are optional and playful
Honeycomb - shaped density, timely flavor - repellent breathable
Peace of mind environmental protection love pet healthy life

4.Bubble Xmas tree

2021 has quietly entered the second half of the year
Something that adds to the sense of ritual
We can't wait to get it ready for you

new (1)

Cover the trees with plump spheres of various sizes
Like floating bubbles, wonderful and dreamlike
Use iconic red and green colors to light up the sense of ritual life

new (2)

The middle tenon is designed to firmly fix three side plates
Imported raw pulp long fiber kraft paper,rich color
Not easy to deform, maintain three-dimensional modeling sense

new (3)

Folding Christmas trees can solve the problem of storage
No need to buy every year
Recycling saves annual decorating costs

5,double cone micro booth

It's actually a pretty ordinary table
Just add an elaborate micro booth
It can be beautiful and unique,more atmospheric

new (4)

Innovative design with dislocation art
Multiple cone geometry, creating a suspended visual sense
Not only increase desktop fun, but also more ornamental

new (5)

The size of the display floor is just right
Combined with the honeycomb mechanical structure, the force is balanced
Exquisite type exhibits, secure placement

new (6)

Assembly in a circle takes no thought
The conical shape of geometric lines is beautiful and three-dimensional
Create a different visual experience for desktop display

6, Axis Micro Display Rack

If the biconical micro booth has edges and corners
So the axis micro booth will be more rounded lines

new (7)

Rotate two circles of different sizes around an axis
Overlapping with each other, interlacing each other, creating high and low levels of beauty
With bright color clash color collocation, rich visual vitality 

new (8)

Only place the acrylic panel in a circle when using
Storage is required to fold the booth close
Small volume does not occupy an area, receive more convenient

new (9)

Double round cake/double round dislocation two styles of design
Home life can display desserts and ornaments
Exhibition stores can display lightweight exhibits
Different scenes are suitable for setting off the high sense of space

New Arrival on August
These are all new products of this period
Start from display and decoration
Work together to turn the space into what you want it to be

Post time: 08-27-2021