Chinese paper bed and Japanese paper bed field contest Chinese millennium paper Art culture is more better

Last week, the long-awaited Olympic Games finally opened

With horror giant dolls, glowing human head balloons...

All kinds of wonderful behaviors are frequently rushing to the hot search.

Even 2.6w Japanese paper beds are also popular.

This cardboard bed was played by contestants from all over the world.

The Olympic paper bed brand said that these bed sets can be reused unlimited times.

The purpose is to comply with the East Olympics "sustainability" plan.


As the design starting point of China's Honismart also with environmental protection as the starting point

While it is popular in overseas markets, it is naturally used by consumers as a comparison of the Olympic paper bed.

Many friends who don’t know the truth also came to ask

What is the difference between these two paper beds?


Cut the Crap, let's see that

Comfort comparison 01

Most people sleep more than 1/3 of their lives in their lives.

The role of the bed is not just to provide rest.

It is also an indispensable tool to improve the happiness of life.

And the intuitive performance of comfort.

Is the part of the mattress that is in direct contact with the human body?


The mattress of the Japanese paper bed is made of polyethylene. The popular explanation is that it is a common plastic foam material, which has a certain degree of support and heat dissipation effect, and can remove the heat generated during sleep.

But the service life is short, the body feels harder, and it is not suitable for long-term use

Honismart uses natural coconut palm foam mattress, which not only has the support and air permeability of coconut palm, but also the softness and skin-friendly feeling of sponge;

The hardness is moderate, and it has a protective effect on the lumbar spine.

Under normal use, the life of the accordion bed is 5-10 years, suitable for daily rest, creating a comfortable sleeping environment.

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Steady load-bearing comparison 02

During the Olympics, an American athlete questioned that getting water on the paper bed would cause the Japanese paper bed to collapse and not be used normally.

This idea caused other athletes to be dissatisfied with paper bed products.

Follow-up South Korean athletes also reported the phenomenon of cracking of the Olympic paper bed.


The Japanese paper bed is made of corrugated cardboard. According to the staff, the Japanese paper bed can bear 200kg

The load-bearing capacity of the Honismart accordion bed is several times higher.


In order to maintain the quality of sleep, bed stability and weight bearing are the focus of research and development.

The Honismart accordion bed uses imported virgin long-fiber paper.

Tougher, harder to break and more durable.

Secondly, the unique honeycomb mechanical structure has balanced forces.

The paper cores are closely connected to evenly distribute the pressure.

The single bed can load up to 500kg,

The double bed can load up to 1000kg.


Due to the consideration of different usage scenarios, the IH Paper accordion paper bed has undergone several iterations of product materials.

Water-repellent treatment of the paper material, so that the water penetration is slow, and after contact with water, quickly wipe and air dry.

Ensure the stability and durability of the accordion paper bed.

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Convenience comparison 03

Before the Japanese paper bed is used, cumbersome bed body parts assembly is required

You can experience the sense of accomplishment after manual completion.

But for ease of rest, the Honismart accordion bed only needs to be stretched repeatedly and then covered with a mattress.

Enjoy the rest time immediately.

Therefore, the Chinese accordion bed is slightly better in terms of convenience.

Secondly, China's accordion mattress and pillow are integrated, so you can rest on the bed without preparing a pillow.

What's more interesting is that the accordion bed has the characteristics of free expansion and contraction.

In addition to the bed, it can also be used as a sofa/stool, and is fully retracted, greatly reducing the volume

It can be placed in a free corner freely without taking up space.

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Price comparison 04

According to Yahoo News, a piece of Japanese paper sheet is priced at 220,000 yen.

Converted to RMB 12,927. The price is too high, if you want to use it for daily household use

The price/performance ratio will discourage consumers.


The same is a single bed, Honismart uses high-cost and high-quality raw materials to reduce the profit margin to a lower level.

The price difference between the two is 10 times. In comparison, the cost-effective Chinese paper bed is more suitable for daily life choices.

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In fact, the Honismart accordion bed has already been favored in the Japanese market before that, with a record of selling 300 sets in 30 minutes and tens of thousands of sets in a year.


Adhere to the original intention of design and explore the infinite possibilities of paper art.

Honismart strives to show more Chinese living art to the world.

Take this opportunity to pay tribute to the brave Chinese athletes.

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Post time: 07-28-2021