2020 the whole review Our this year The past is a prologue.

In 2020, after a period of hiatus, the rest of the year flashes by like it's being watched at double speed, and 2021 arrives entirely as if by accident. Almost everyone around me is saying, 2020 has passed too fast.

In 2020, Honismart will be 12 years old. In the past year, we have experienced delays in starting construction, failure to participate in the exhibition and severe overseas epidemic. However, looking back on the past year, we can still say that we have grown in the face of adversity

Cross-border Cooperation

This year, we continued to advance on the road of cross-border cooperation and tried more styles of cross-border design.

We keep naive, designed for children of Childlike, joint children IP brand "PIHOTRAIN", digging the tree of life view in the train, the jungle, adventure elements, such as joint design of the stool, stents, pen holder, lead the children understand the meaning of "exploration" and "discovery", also help them develop good habits of receive.


Selected "Xinhua bookstore" cultural and creative products cooperation brand, for Xinhua bookstore design shelves with xinhua bookstore style organ pen pot, to the minority organ paper art to open up a more extensive channel into the public view, organ pen pot has more opportunities to appear on the children's desk, to accompany their learning years.

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We have reached a cooperation with "Manpin Paper Art" to jointly develop and design IP derivatives, and will open a physical store in Dapeng City. Yes, you will find us in Dapeng City

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We look for history, joint of the Forbidden City palace culture's "The World of the Palace" in the IP, to the national Palace Museum collection of cultural relics as the design clue of research in the past, the design in the future, with modern art paper tells the story of "the palace" ~ with medieval classical literary characteristics of decorative pattern and best wishes, all in the modern household design plays the organ paper incisively and vividly, all show elegant lasting appeal.

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In 2020, due to the epidemic, people had to reduce entertainment activities, and the theater work was delayed and resumed gradually until the second half of the year. We reached cooperation with the movies "Emergency" and "Will you Still Love Me Tomorrow" to design and produce joint peripheral, extending the thrilling or romantic story in the movie to the screen.

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We also jointly launched the maple carton with the wood brand "First dream", which has a better quality and experience than the previous bamboo carton. This is the first time for us to cooperate with the supplier brand to seek a new form of cooperation.

Strategic Cooperation

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We care about public welfare and have become the strategic partner of Suzhou Love Talent Charity Fund, actively supporting social public welfare activities.

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Reached cooperation with Xiaomi, settled in Xiaomi Youpin, and cooperated with Lifease, settled Lifease.

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Honismart was created in Beijing and grew up in Shenzhen. In 2020, eighteen paper, as a characteristic product of Shenzhen, was selected as "Shenzhen Hand-letter" and will be displayed in Shenzhen Airport and other places, becoming one of the representatives of Shenzhen culture and crafts.

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In September, Honismart reached a preliminary strategic cooperation with JD, and JD will invest more resources and opportunities in THE Home furnding company to help THE company become a benchmark brand in the home furnding industry on JD platform.

Offline Event

In 2020, due to the epidemic, exhibitions were greatly reduced and slowly recovered in the second half of the year. We also rushed to attend several exhibitions of our own industry:

October China (Shenzhen) International Gift Exhibition, Shenzhen Arts and Crafts Expo;

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November Guangdong HongKong-Macao Greater Bay Area International Design Exhibition;

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Guangzhou Design Week in December

Yes, we seize every opportunity to meet users offline and look forward to having more direct communication with our peers.


This year,In August, we appeared at The Time Art Museum in Beijing, where we worked with 11 foreign artists and art institutions to communicate with Each other in the "Between Boundaries" exhibition, which aims to create an immersive "breathing space" for the audience.

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In September,  Mr.Liu , founder of Honismart, was invited to participate in the main forum of 2020 Beijing International Design Week, and delivered a keynote speech at the National Center for the Performing Arts, and communicated with more than ten industry scholars and elites, including Liu Guanzhong, "father of industrial design".

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Honismart also became the only appearance of the night "design night" brand, let designers and guests live experience organ paper furniture clever function and fashion glamour.

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At the end of the year, in order to further enhance the brand image and attract talents, our office is relocated to Rongchao Economic and trade Center, Futian Central District, Shenzhen. Welcome friends and talents who pay attention to the growth of Eighteen paper to visit us and negotiate cooperation.


In December, sponsored by China Interior Decoration Association, co-sponsored by Urban Design School of Central Academy of Fine Arts and Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee, In the 2020 Restart future 10N commercial Space reconstruction and innovation Design Competition undertaken by China Interior Decoration Association Display Art Professional Committee, Beijing International Design Week Co., LTD., and Lecong Town People's Government of Shunde District, Foshan city, Guangdong Province, Honismart won the bronze prize.

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Our story continues...
There is no doubt that for many people, many companies in 2020 is a very unusual year, the sudden outbreak affecting our life, work and communication, this year we suffered outbreaks of frustration, the rapid shrinking of European and American markets, the prices of raw materials, etc., but we insist on strengthening r&d dozens of new product new dozens of patents, In the second half of the year, the team cohesion became stronger and stronger in adversity. On behalf of the company, we would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to our customers for their trust and support, to our employees for their hard work and dedication, and to all platforms and personnel who have supported the development of Honismart.

In 2021, we will continue to explore the infinite possibilities of paper art aesthetics, constantly surpass ourselves, and bring more refreshing and wonderful works to more friends. Refueling together, mutual encouragement!

Post time: 02-14-2020